Convert an R vector, matrix, or array object to an array that has the optimal in-memory layout and floating point data type for the current Keras backend.

keras_array(x, dtype = NULL)



Object or list of objects to convert


NumPy data type (e.g. float32, float64). If this is unspecified then R doubles will be converted to the default floating point type for the current Keras backend.


NumPy array with the specified dtype (or list of NumPy arrays if a list was passed for x).


Keras does frequent row-oriented access to arrays (for shuffling and drawing batches) so the order of arrays created by this function is always row-oriented ("C" as opposed to "Fortran" ordering, which is the default for R arrays).

If the passed array is already a NumPy array with the desired dtype and "C" order then it is returned unmodified (no additional copies are made).